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 Frequently Asked Questions.

 Listed below are the questions that we are asked quite often. Before you write to us, be sure to check here.





 Licensing, Deploying and Distribution



May I try the product before I buy? Top
We provide demo version. You can give some idea.  you can contact technical support here. supports@helpsofts.com
How much does your component + Source Code cost? Top
Total Amount Payable -  

All Visual Basic 6 AeroSuite 12 Controls + Fully Source code for one incredibly low price. Just Now $ 49.95 (Save 75%) (License for Unlimited Machines) For Life Time

How often a new version is released? Top
We cannot predict the exactly date when a new version comes out. It depends, on how many changes we need to include to the version, and how the complex is each thing that needs to be included, and so it could take from a week to more weeks. Most of the changes are improvements to the product.
Is your product able run either on a Win 2000, 2003,2007,2010 Win XP or Win Vista platform? Top
Yes. However we recommended to run demo version before buy.
How can I add to Visual Basic (vb)? Top
Please visit, Adding Visual Basic 6 controls to Visual Basic 6
Can we use Visual Basic 6 AeroSuite Controls to build applications under  Visual Basic 6? Top
Of course, We just prepared this product specially for Visual Basic 6.0 developer. The source code is fully commented and fully written in Visual Basic 6 . You can use it in your multiple projects too.


I want use these product forever, How can I buy it now? Top
Please visit, Buy License Key
How can I make payment? Top
Please visit, Buy License Key
How many licenses do we need and how are your products licensed? Top
1 License Key = Unlimited Machine in One Network (One Company or One personal user) - For Life Time
Do we need to purchase technical support and maintenance or our subscription already includes free support? Top
Our products come with free technical support and free updates.
How long does it take to obtain my license details & original download path after I purchase a product online by credit card? Top
After the registration service receives your online credit card order, it may take up to several hours to authorize your transaction. After your charge is authorized, you will receive the original download path with License key to your email account within 24 hours by e-mail. If your credit card is declined, then you will receive an e-mail stating the reason. If you do not receive any e-mail within 24 hours, then there may be a problem with your order.

 Licensing, Deploying and Distribution

Where in the installation process do I enter the license key? Top
You do not need installation process. We provide original download path of Visual Basic 6 AeroSuite Controls with Fully Source code . How ever license key is important for identify our value customers & legal situation.
Can I redistribute the purchased components with my apps for free? Top
Yes, You are free to redistribute it with your compiled apps as many times as you need without any additional fee. Please visit, License Agreement 
What files do I need to install on the client machine? Top
The run-time files (AeroSuite.ocx etc) may be freely distributed with compiled (.EXE) end-user applications written by a licensed developer.

There are NO Run-Time Royalties or fees for such distribution.

There are 2 types to create your project

1. With AeroSuite.ocx - you need distribute AeroSuite.ocx with your compiled (.EXE)

Eg : Test Project Folder

2. 2. Without AeroSuite.ocx - you don’t want to distribute AeroSuite.ocx with your compiled (.EXE)

Eg : AeroSuite + Test Project Folder

Here are the following files that you need when you make a distribution package of your software:


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